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Massage at Magictouch

Let your tensions be solved by our magic hands.
Our masseuses are ready for you in 4 spacious, comfortably furnished rooms.

Full Body Massage
Fragrant oils, pleasant relaxation music and magical touches make you forget about everyday life. Immerse yourself in a state of perfect harmony for body, mind and soul.

Wellness Thai massage
The traditional Thai massage, which consists of stretching and stretching exercises, works the energy lines of the body with a gentle stretch and the rhythmic pressure of the palm, thumb, knees and elbows. These energy lines are influenced in a way that releases tension, stimulates circulation and metabolism.

Traditional Thai massage
In Thailand, it is also called “ancient healing touch”. With stretching movements, pressure point massages and joint mobilizations, muscular tension is loosened and mobility is significantly improved.

Aroma Thai massage
The aroma massage makes use of the sensitive human sense of smell. In addition, people with different scents connect different feelings and sensations.

Erotic massage
Escape everyday life and massage your body completely free from any pressure or anxiety during an erotic massage and let it slip away. Erotic massage is a true art in which the masseur finds a balance between sensuality and sexuality.

Body to Body
A particularly close-fitting full-body massage, which is massaged not just with the hands, but with the whole body.
It starts with a very full body massage with warm oil, followed by an intense body-to-body insert where your masseuse massages you intensively with her body from both sides.

Tantra ritual
The tantric massage is a one-hour old Indian sensory ritual. Body, mind and soul are reconciled. This massage is very sensual, close to the body and pleasurable. The body is sensitized by delicate hands, but also warm neutral or fragrant oil and other individual elements are used during the ritual. The touches range from powerful massage strokes to tender stroking. The massage begins with the hands and feet and then involves every part of the body. This opens the room for trust and dedication.

Romantic massage for couples
Take your partner and you into a deep-seated experience with a couples massage. Set new impulses for your connection to each other.

We also offer professional massage for people with disabilities.

And much more…

We do our utmost to make your visit to us as discreet as possible.

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